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I’ve been away from here for while but was prompted to post again this weekend because I treated a little girl with eczema a couple of days ago and really felt for her. She is suffering badly with acute irritation from eczema on her arms, legs and torso. She scratches and then her skin bleeds. When she wakes in the morning her bed sheets are stained with blood. I remember this from my own childhood and my heart went out to her.

Both her parents were in the room with her throughout the session and I was touched by the desire to help their little girl and the emotion in her dad’s eyes.

This was the first time the child had met me and, although I do my best to make children feel at ease, I am always honoured when they feel comfortable enough to work with me.  Not all children do of course and so I work with the parent as a surrogate. She was really brave and said she was willing to work with me and we did some great stuff together. We had fun too.

I have been thinking about her since and it crossed my mind that a before and after photo would be helpful both for them because it is sometimes hard to recognise progress (because you just want the itching to stop and that can be the only indication of progress you are interested in) and for me from a marketing point of view. Then I had a deeper thought which was remembering that I took no photographs of my own eczema ravaged skin because, most of the time I felt embarrassed and unclean.  Taking photographs would have left me feeling even more exposed. I wish now that I had, of course, but at the time it was the last thing on my mind.

This little girl is already being teased by other children at school (a common thing) and it felt invasive to suggest taking a photograph even of her hands. It’s an aspect of having eczema which is not always obvious to non-sufferers. Having eczema often means being examined and looked at.

We worked with kinesiology to desensitise her for some food additives, sorted out some emotional stuff and I recommended a couple of Forever Living Products aloe based products which I am confident will help. Aloe liquid soap to use in the bath because it is a no-tears formula and therefore won’t sting her broken skin and aloe propolis cream for the sore patches which has the aloe to heal the skin and reduce inflammation and the propolis will help reduce the risk of infection of the broken skin.   Aloe increases healing by around 30% and also reduces scarring which, I am sure, will be important to her in later life.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

Cloth Diapers – Swimming, Eczema & a Giveaway!

These are a great solution for children with eczema and for busy Mums!

Higher risk of health problems in premature babies

I was interested today in the news that a British Medical Journal study has concluded that premature babies born ‘a few weeks early’ have a higher risk of health problems in infancy.  The most talked about ‘health problem’ seems to be asthma.

The study found that babies born before 39 weeks have a slightly higher risk of health problems up to the age of five. The earlier the baby arrived, the bigger the risk.

For example, 15% of babies born full term experienced asthma or wheezing as young children but the figure increased to 17% for those born just a few weeks early.

It’s been suggested that whilst the study indicates a slight increase in the risk of asthma and wheezing in children born a few weeks early, that this is “not a cause for concern”.

I would imagine if you are the parent of one of these children then it is hard not to be concerned even if it is ony a 2% difference.

Asthma is very distressing for the child and the parent.  If the ‘attack’ is severe then seeing your child unable to get it’s breath is very distressing.  Or am I being over-dramatic?

The reason the research and the media story interested me, and why I am posting here. is that from complementary medicine point of view, asthma and eczema are very closely linked.  Both symptoms are treated medically by stopping the symptoms.  Chinese medicine considers the skin in the same ‘element’ – Metal – as the lungs and the view is that suppression of one symptom will result in an incidence in the other.  I.e. if you suppress asthma – eczema can result.   This is interesting to me because many of the children I treat have had asthma as babies and have later developed eczema.

Do you have any experience of this with your child?  I’d be really interested to hear from you.

Newborn baby
As an aside, I used to believe the thinking that the Chinese considered the skin to be the third lung because we ‘breathe through our skin’ but have since discovered that to be a myth.   Are you old enough (like me) to remember the James Bond movie Goldfinger?

Shirley Eaton as Jill Masterson, Bond Girl was completely painted in gold paint and died from ‘skin suffocation’ which it turns out is a fictional condition Ian Fleming created for the novel. The skin does not actually “breathe” in that way.

And just for your info:  The first mammal that can breathe through its skin was discovered in 1999.  It’s a marsupial mouse from Australia.

Shared experience

Thank you Dave for your input.  Some of the remedies I have used myself and there are some new ones there.  It was part of my hope for this site that people would share their experience with me and readers, to the benefit of everyone – there is so much we can do ourselves.

And there in lies the thing!  Doing it.  You say yourself that you don’t always keep up with the things you know that help – and often that is the case for people.

If it helps, why don’t we do it?  Interesting question.  Love to hear readers thoughts.

More great eczema remedies

EBook reader, Dave, has agreed for me to share his email:

Having suffered a lot with eczema in my life I agree with you.

It’s down to;
Diet – Rich foods mess it up straight away.

Lifestyle, I have always been a bit of a rock n roller.  With me stress isn’t such a factor but still affects it.  Natural salt in a hot bath is great I get a lot of eczema on my scalp and face and I soak my face in warm water and use a chinese herbal shampoo flower teas especially.  Chrysanthemum is very good for cooling internally. The sun and seawater are amazing as is fresh air on my skin

Drinking water!!!

Antihistamine (they used to give me pills the size of Rennies when I was a kid) steroids and hydrocortisones used to make my skin ripe as a peach as you know already.  Terrible treatment.

One of the biggest discoveries for me was water-based moisturisers with virtually no ingredients.  If I keep up a regime with this (I never do) my eczema is fine.

The last thing I’d say is that I have found with myself and many other people I have spoken to is this:  Eczema seems to get trapped into certain areas.  Some people have it behind their joints, on their throats or stomach.  Mine is always from the neck up.  I used to be covered in eczema and diet,  flower teas, water based cream and this herbal shampoo are how I control it.  But the slightest imbalance starts on my face.  I believe I permanently damaged the condition of my skin with excessive use of hydrocortisone creams.

Anyway great work Elaine.  Just thought I’d donate another case study.  I am certainly not teaching you to suck eggs, just more research for you

Dave x



This is the first post to open my new blog.  I’m really excited because it heralds the publication of my new venture – an E-Book.

I’m glad to say that I have been eczema free for 12 years now but having been a sufferer of eczema in my childhood and for many of my adult years, I have picked up many helpful tips over the years and want to share them to help you and your children ease the dreadful symptoms of eczema.

Unless you have suffered with eczema, you won’t understand the terrible irritation and frustration – not to mention, the despair that it causes – how could you?  It must be so much worse though to see your child suffer with eczema and not be able to make it go away.  I know my Mum used to get very upset to see me suffer with it and sometimes felt powerless to ease it.

If you would like a copy you can download it – no charge!

Thanks for dropping by.

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