Feeling exposed

I’ve been away from here for while but was prompted to post again this weekend because I treated a little girl with eczema a couple of days ago and really felt for her. She is suffering badly with acute irritation from eczema on her arms, legs and torso. She scratches and then her skin bleeds. When she wakes in the morning her bed sheets are stained with blood. I remember this from my own childhood and my heart went out to her.

Both her parents were in the room with her throughout the session and I was touched by the desire to help their little girl and the emotion in her dad’s eyes.

This was the first time the child had met me and, although I do my best to make children feel at ease, I am always honoured when they feel comfortable enough to work with me.  Not all children do of course and so I work with the parent as a surrogate. She was really brave and said she was willing to work with me and we did some great stuff together. We had fun too.

I have been thinking about her since and it crossed my mind that a before and after photo would be helpful both for them because it is sometimes hard to recognise progress (because you just want the itching to stop and that can be the only indication of progress you are interested in) and for me from a marketing point of view. Then I had a deeper thought which was remembering that I took no photographs of my own eczema ravaged skin because, most of the time I felt embarrassed and unclean.  Taking photographs would have left me feeling even more exposed. I wish now that I had, of course, but at the time it was the last thing on my mind.

This little girl is already being teased by other children at school (a common thing) and it felt invasive to suggest taking a photograph even of her hands. It’s an aspect of having eczema which is not always obvious to non-sufferers. Having eczema often means being examined and looked at.

We worked with kinesiology to desensitise her for some food additives, sorted out some emotional stuff and I recommended a couple of Forever Living Products aloe based products which I am confident will help. Aloe liquid soap to use in the bath because it is a no-tears formula and therefore won’t sting her broken skin and aloe propolis cream for the sore patches which has the aloe to heal the skin and reduce inflammation and the propolis will help reduce the risk of infection of the broken skin.   Aloe increases healing by around 30% and also reduces scarring which, I am sure, will be important to her in later life.

I’ll let you know how we get on.

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