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EBook reader, Dave, has agreed for me to share his email:

Having suffered a lot with eczema in my life I agree with you.

It’s down to;
Diet – Rich foods mess it up straight away.

Lifestyle, I have always been a bit of a rock n roller.  With me stress isn’t such a factor but still affects it.  Natural salt in a hot bath is great I get a lot of eczema on my scalp and face and I soak my face in warm water and use a chinese herbal shampoo flower teas especially.  Chrysanthemum is very good for cooling internally. The sun and seawater are amazing as is fresh air on my skin

Drinking water!!!

Antihistamine (they used to give me pills the size of Rennies when I was a kid) steroids and hydrocortisones used to make my skin ripe as a peach as you know already.  Terrible treatment.

One of the biggest discoveries for me was water-based moisturisers with virtually no ingredients.  If I keep up a regime with this (I never do) my eczema is fine.

The last thing I’d say is that I have found with myself and many other people I have spoken to is this:  Eczema seems to get trapped into certain areas.  Some people have it behind their joints, on their throats or stomach.  Mine is always from the neck up.  I used to be covered in eczema and diet,  flower teas, water based cream and this herbal shampoo are how I control it.  But the slightest imbalance starts on my face.  I believe I permanently damaged the condition of my skin with excessive use of hydrocortisone creams.

Anyway great work Elaine.  Just thought I’d donate another case study.  I am certainly not teaching you to suck eggs, just more research for you

Dave x

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